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Elias LEVY

Elias Levy has always looked up to his dad as his hero. He always set out to one day grow his father's small business. However, Roberto's dream was for Elias to be the first college graduate in his family. 


Elias' summers consisted of baseball and going to work with his dad. My dad described taking me to work in the summers as for me to learn hard work and to focus on my studies or as he says "estudia para que no tengas que estar cogiendo este sol"


Elias made his dad's dream come true by graduating with an AA in business administration and a bachelor in construction management.

Elias worked full-time in various top construction firms while attending college. Elias began as an administrative assistant to eventually become a project manager handling 10-20 millions worth of work by the time he graduated, at the age of 24.

In 2014 Elias was able to get his General Contractor License. This is when he made his dream a reality by starting Levy Contractors Corp. Although he was still working at another company his dad Roberto was running the operations while

Elias was still learning with the top construction firm.

The decision for Elias to fully venture with Levy Contractors came in 2020 when he started his family with the dream of making his father proud and building something for him to

leave to his family.


Roberto LEVY

Levy Contractors Headshots-11.png

Roberto Levy came to this country looking for a better life for him and his family.

From working odd jobs to working construction Roberto started working as a concrete helper in the early 90s. He worked his way up to crew leader with his

hard work and sacrifice. He eventually ended up starting his own small concrete business.

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